Creative Aggs Part II : Horizontal Aggs

Introduction to Aggs Horizontal Aggs (this article) Mixing Agg and base table to produce a single value Accordion Aggs Variable grain aggs in a single table for extra flexibility Filtered Aggs Using Composite Models to keep recent data in memory, and older data in the source to optimise the model size Incremental Aggs A smart Continue reading Creative Aggs Part II : Horizontal Aggs

Creative Aggs Part I : Introduction

Introduction This is part 1 in a series of articles I plan to write over in the coming weeks regarding the use of Aggregate Tables in Analysis Services databases. Some of the techniques covered in this series have been developed after working on some of the largest models around. The series will cover : Introduction Continue reading Creative Aggs Part I : Introduction

Row-based Time Intelligence

For this blog, I want to share an interesting data modelling technique which you might consider when having performance problems with time intelligence calculations. This particular pattern works well on very large data-sets, especially for visuals that contain multiple measures and multiple periods. The idea is to create a Time Intelligence table which contains blocks Continue reading Row-based Time Intelligence