DAX Games

In 2018 I had some fun creating a variety of games in DAX. Partly to push the boundaries on what you can do with DAX and also as a learning curve for me. I have shared these here for you to enjoy and hopefully you may also find these useful learning DAX.

Each game has a link to the Blog I wrote shortly after writing the game. The blog should have more detail on how the games work and how various challenges were solved. You can also download the PBIX to get hands on, and there is a link to play the game live using Power BI “Publish to Web”.

BlackjackBlogPBIXPlay Live
SudokuBlog PBIXPlay Live
Tic Tac ToeBlog PBIXPlay Live
HangmanBlogPBIXPlay Live
Mine SweeperBlogPBIXPlay Live
Amazing DAXBlogPBIXPlay Live
Temple of DAXBlogPBIXPlay Live



Amazing DAX

Temple of DAX